What are the Best Feeds For Cattle, Role of the chaff cutter in saving fodder

There are several types of fodders for cattle to use nowadays but farmers select the most yielding crops like Super Napier, African tall maize, CO4, Cofs, and grasses like sorghum

Super Napier is one of the high-yielding crops hence it has more wastage if we don’t chaff, here chaff cutter plays a vital role in saving the amount of work, and grass will be cut in pieces as per the requirement and makes it easy for cattle.

role of chaff cutter in making chaff

While coming to the maize the variety African tall maize is one of the best feeds which are widely used in which the dry matter is high. if we cut along with corn and chaff it will highly increase the milk capacity of the animal.

It is the primary grass used in India and other countries to make silage, whenever required it will be taken out and used for animals

We also have so many benefits using a chaff cutter like time-saving, cutting waste of hay

We saw most of the farmers are cutting the maize at a time storing the chaffed grass and using it throughout the year.

Also when it comes to sorghum it is the multi-cut variety available for farmers, which also has sufficient protein required for an animal. farmers can cut the grass and give it to the animal directly or it can be used to store and give every day

when it comes to the role of chaff cutters, these are very important in saving feed especially these types of grass.

In a limited land small farmers plant grasses like super napier, maize, and others if it will be wasted by animals the time of cutting and work will be wasted.

the grass will also sometimes not be sufficient for all animals due to high wastage. if the farmer can chaff and use all the grass will be processed in an efficient way

Whenever giving feed to animals farmers should use the trays to save the grass it only eats the grass instead of wasting it. hence it will be there until it gets eaten.

The chaff cutter also can help in making silage it will be the best solution to feed the summer or whenever the a shortage of grass.

Farmers cut all the grass at a time, chaff, and store it in the pits

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