Uses of Chaff Cutter in Silage Making

In a variety of uses, we can use the chaff cutter for silage making, silage making is an efficient way to save money and time. farmers face situations like high grass availability or no grass availability depending upon the season.

Uses of Chaff Cutter in Silage Making

In summer grass availability becomes scarce, the underground water goes very deep, and due to the weather conditions the grass will not grow as per the requirement

To face this situation silage preparation is the best way, Everyone can prepare the silage with the help of the chaff cutter.

Efficient Cutting

The chara cutting machines are designed in a way that makes the chaff into small pieces and uniform in size. which reduces the work of animals in eating hard grasses like super napier.` the hard part of the grass is also cut into pieces which gives spread equivalent nutritional value to each cut.

Best to improve digestion

The chaffed grass in small pieces helped the animal to digest easily the cutters cut the fibres into pieces so the nutrient value remains and the animals love to eat the grass.

Consistent Feed Quality

The uniformity of each particle size remains the same it might be a very big difference hence overall average size is equal for the silage with consistent silage intake increasing the efficiency and productivity of the animal.

Faster Fermentation

The chaffed fodder is easy to compaction and pack in the pit, there is no leakage and it minimizes the air pockets in the pit so there is no wastage of the silage

High Storage capacity

Chaffed fodder takes less storage than stemmed fodder, it can increase the amount of silage storage in silo pits. The sized chaff is easy to compress to add more silage in each pit

Saving of Labour

Manual chaff requires more labor when it comes while the chaff cutter gives a higher amount in less time which will reduce the labor to make the silage

Things to Remember for Silage Making

Preparation of Machine

We must check the kutti machine before processing, check the power availability, sharpen the blades and add some grease to the gear system are important factors

Selecting the grass

commonly maize, sorghum, barley, alfalfa, and super Napier can be used for silage upon your availability you can plant the crop for silage

Storing the grass

the chaffed grass must be stored in an area that is air free, you can compress the grass with the help of moving the tractor through the pits

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