Uses of Chaff Cutter in Rabbit Farming

Rabbit Farming is one of the leading businesses in farming, this is most beautiful and gives happiness to farmers who are growing them.

The demand for rabbit meat is increasing rapidly and also people are interested in buying small bunnies

Chaff Cutter in Rabbit Farming

To make rabbit farming profitable we must use chaff cutters, kutti machines.

There are multiple uses for working with a chaff cutter which are mentioned below

Small Pieces of Grass

The eating capacity and the mouth of the animal are very small, make sure to cut the grass into small pieces. if the size of the farm is 100-200 it is difficult to cut the grasses manually

So using the chara cutter will help to reduce the cutting work and help the animals to eat in small pieces instead of biting large pieces of the grass.

If you give them directly they will eat the green grass which will cause loose motion to animals and lose weight faster.

Best to Digest and Grow

If you give the small pieces of grass using a chara machine, the rabbits can easily digest and grow well towards the profit-making way. you will not see any digestion problems.

You can give them whatever the best, instead of them eating the greeny part of the grass. you can understand the dry matter and make the feed-in required quantity

No Chance for Wastage

Rabbits won’t get the chance to waste the grass if you just give the chaffed feed will contain a mix of stems and leaves. and the chaffed grass is easy to organize in trays making the feed eatable without wastage.

Can focus on other tasks instead of manual work

You can leave the manual work of cutting 0the grass manually with the traditional method instead you just chaff the required grasses in less time and focus on the other tasks like planning an expansion or working on other farming tasks.

Manual work makes the work uninterested for a long time so you must bring the chara cutter to your rabbit farm to save more time and manual effort

Mixes of Grasses

The rabbits need two types of grasses legumes and non-legumes. instead of cutting and mixing manually you just mix both the grasses same time in the machine which will cut same time and mix.

You can just feed the mix of two types of grass instead of manually mixing the grass.

Making Bed for Rabbits

You just cut some of the grass in your farm and chaff then make the bed for the rabbits to make them sleep better and stress-free.

as the rabbits are forestry animals we can at least make some beds to create a hybrid environment with the grass bed.

they also need beds while giving birth to their bunnies so you can use the chara cutter.

Making the Shed cool

Rabbits are sensitive animals they feel stress in summer so you can use the chaff cutters cut the grass in organized size and put it on the roof to make the rabbit shed cool.

Precautions are taken While using the Chaffed Feed on Rabbits

  • Choose the right size of the chaff you can check the chaffed grass whether is in the proper feedable size for the bunnies and big rabbits
  • Plan the required feed and ratio of the different grass then chaff as per the ratio to make the nutrients feed for rabbits.
  • Chaffed Grass needs to be weighed and given to the animals based on the weight of the rabbit.
  • For bunnies we need to take special care in giving the chaffed feed we must double check if the grass is the proper size and should have the mixes of legumes and non-legume grasses

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