Understand , How a chaff cutter helped the farmer in transforming his dairy farm

By using Chaff cutters so many farmers benefited to explain those benefits and usages we are discussing one of the farmer’s case studies.

Here we will understand the case study of a farmer and his farm details and find the complete details about the usage of chaff cutter in the farm

By reading this you will have a basic understanding of how the farmer has transformed his dairy farm

Case Study: How a Chaff Cutter Transformed a Livestock Farm

Introduction of Raja Rajeshwara Dairy Farm

Raja Rajeshwara Dairy Farm is Located in Telangana, Which started in 2015 with 4 buffaloes.

At the start, the capacity of milk production is 20 Liters a day. and coming to the revenue at the start the price of the milk is 25 to 30 RS per Litre

They eat one hundred to 150 kilos of grass till 2015 -2018 the buffalo’s groom in the out grazing model.

They groom and eat and in the evening the farmer used to give the grass.

It ran for 2-3 years after that the calves were grown and the feeding requirement increased drastically like 200 Kg but the production was reduced due to rebirth issues in buffaloes.

Case Study of Dairy Farm , Transformation use of Chaff cutter

Adding Manual Chaff Cutter

In 2018 they purchased a manual chaff cutter, and with that, they used to cut only a limited amount of grass which is sufficient for milking animals.

If the farmer wants to give grass to all animals he needs to work more and grass is also not sufficient due to outgrazing the animals walking and eating in the field.

Even the work has increased due to the growth of calves and income becoming not as per the work.

The farmer sold the 3 female calves due to maintenance this will be a loss for the farm

Due to the rebirth issues in buffaloes, the farm was not profitable after the 2 -3 years

As he was no option he continued business by spending on the health of the buffaloes to make them as milking animals

It continues till 2020 with no profits or losses as he is selling male and female calves.

He planted Super Napier on 2 Acres to feed the animals, He needed to cut and bring the grass and give them as usual.

Dairy Farm , Cows eating grass

Bringing Electrical Chaff cutter to the Farm

In 2020 the farmer purchased a 3HP electrical chaff cutter, With the use of a chaff cutter he can feed the animals without wastage.

Wastage is reduced at the time of starting he can feed the animals in all the land by grazing now he can grow the producing grass in less amount of land

He cut the grass whenever he had time in the day and evening or morning he brought the grass to the shed cut and gave it to the animals

After using six months to one year, all the buffaloes are in good health and he reduced the rebirth issues.

As the milking capacity in cows is high he purchased two HF cows in 2021 then he sold the pregnant buffaloes

How the Farmer is Gaining the Benefits of Kutti Machine

With an excess of grass and high milking, his profits increased in 1.5 years and he brings another 5 cows in 2022.

Cows Eating Chaffed Grass 3HP Chaff cutter

With the use of a chaff cutter, he can manage all the work on the farm without any support from family and labour

He also gets the time to spend with family and to think about the expansion of the farm.

It runs at least one year in 2023 he bought another 7 cows now the available cows in the shed are 18 with calves becoming milking animals

Now he can produce 130 Litres of Milk per day he is running the Dairy Farm successfully

With one idea of buying the right chaff cutter his total Dairy Farm has transformed into a profitable business.

With organized work, healthy animals, and less work he can manage his work without any stress.

So it is always to start with the chaff cutter within your budget and as per the number of animals in your farm upon increasing the farm and profits you can easily upgrade to the higher level of the chaffing machines.

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