Looking for Tractor Operated Chaff Cutter Price? We dairy Yantra has good quality of machines.

Our Machines are specially designed to meet the feed requirement for dairy farms and Goat and sheep Farms

Why Tractor Operated Chaff Cutters?

Tractor Operated Chaff Cutters are high-performing and best suitable for large farms as well as it can be used for medium-sized dairy farms but the cost will be bit higher compared with other chaff cutters

To meet the higher feeding requirement in large farms, chaffing machines must be performed so these machines help a lot with the heavy horsepower of the tractor the grass will be cut into pieces without any delays.

For farms like 10-20 animals it needs at least 25-30 KGs of green grass and 10 Kgs of dry grass for each animal

It is very feasible to cut dry grass as well as green grass, In most dairy farms, the farmers use high-yielding grasses like Super Napier and COF varieties.

The Super Napier is very hard to eat for animals if it is grown for 30-45 days and it also has a good amount of dry matter in this case using of chaff cutter will easily make the hard grass into small pieces so the animals eat and digest without any stress

Prices of Tractor Operated Chaff Cutters

The Tractor PTO operated chaffing machine prices start from 50,000 RS to 2,00,000 RS.

Depending upon the farm size we can choose the one, for small and medium farms, we can get in under 1,00,000 RS.

The farmers will already have the tractor so it is easy to buy the PTO chaff cutter and ready to use.

Features of Tractor PTO Chaff Cutters

Attachment to Tractor: These tractor-operated machines are always connected to the rear of a tractor. The maximum power of the tractor engine will be utilised through tractor PTO

Power Source: The tractor engine is the primary power source for these types of machines so there is no need for separate power sources making operation more convenient without the use of switches and reducing the dependency on electricity

Cutting Mechanism: The sharp blades help to cut the hard grasses like Super Napier into small pieces and some of the Tractor PTO machines have a mechanism to adjust the cutting length.

Mobility Transport: As it is a heavy machine difficult to move from one place to another with human power but if it is aligned to the tractor it will become easy to transport easily from one place to another place.

High Performance: The performance is very high, It cuts a high amount of grass within a short period.