Safety Tips for Using Chaff Cutter Around Children and Adult

Safety is the primary aspect we must consider, Whenever we are using keeping on the farm we must follow some of the basic safety tips to save the children and Adults from hazardous situations.

by following the tips and best practices we can save from injuries while working with the chaff cutter

Safety Tips for Using Chaff Cutter Around Children and Adult

The machinery is run with certain rules like switching on will cause rotation of the belts and blades we must use them for the use for farming use to make sure these safety tips are followed

Whenever you buy the chaff cutting machine you must think about the safety tips on how to plan and operate it without any issues.

Restrict Access

We must restrict the children from accessing the chaff cutter machine and make an area where children are not allowed or the room must be locked when it is an open area you must make a physical barrier like a fence.

Make a restricted entry point in the farm, it means if someone wants to enter it must be with the permission or supervision of the person. instead of going from all other sides of the farm

Make Awareness among Children

Children are curious to do new things if you tell them clearly about the chaff cutters and the potential hazards and we must tell the complete details.

when we give a basic awareness of the machinery which will make them understand how to stay safe. must train the children how to handle the emergency

Adult Supervision

Supervision is the primary aspect, We must ensure to keep away distance the children away from children and actively monitor and maintain them.

Designate a person who actively watches and supervises if any children enter the surroundings of the chaff cutter.


The operated person must be trained on how to use the machine properly and must be aware of how to use the machine for the different types of grasses.

Without knowing the machine adults must be at risk of wounds and injuries. So we must explain how to safely use the chaff cutter accurately.

Protective Gear

While working on the chaff cutter the operating person must wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, sturdy footwear, goggles, and other precautions like tight clothes, and masks to be safe from the dust.

Simple negligence may cause the biggest injury which affects whole the operation of the dairy farm.

Storage and Shutdown.

It is always better to store the chaffing machine in a room that has a door to lock it is safer. always make sure to use the proper shutdown procedure even after shutdown also the power might pass into the machine we must make sure to use the property shutdown options.

It suggested covering the machine with a thick plastic cover and protective cover so not is possible for children to open and operate it.


We must inspect and check the kutti machine every time if any bolts are loose and sharpen the edges. also, check if any loose parts and safety guards are in proper condition while running they may be loose and damage the operating person.

You must tighten the bolts, During the time of running the bolts will be lost due to the vibration to avoid the situation of loss of bolts we must inspect and tighten them.

Alternative activities

To escape the children and adults from the risks of the chaff cutter give them alternative activities.

Activities like bringing hay bales and collecting grass will be like friendly activities for children without thinking about the chaff cutter

Securing the power sources.

The farmers must ensure to check the issues with the power sources, We must cover the electrical started or boards with the cover and must be maintained at a height not possible to touch by children.

Always check for any breaks or spoilages in the electrical wire, which must be happening with the rats and squirrel bites if any open wiring must be covered with electrical tape.

Always lock the starter and electrical boars to not access without permission of the chaff cutter operator.

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