Misconceptions and Reasons for Farmers Not Using Chaff Cutters

There are so many misconceptions among farmers about not using the chaff cutter on dairy farms. with these misconceptions, farmers are not using and utilizing the productivity of the chara machines.

Misconceptions and Reasons for Farmers not using Chaff Cutters

Lack of Awareness

The farmers with a lack of awareness of how to use and use the chaff cutter. farmers may not understand how to use and implement the technology and do not understand how to improve the latest technology in dairy farming.

Cost of machine

Some farmers think that the chaff cutters are expensive machines that are a financial burden but when it comes to the initial investment the benefits will reduce the burden and increase the profit with the productivity.

When it comes to grass chaffing machines this is is primary machine the farmer can buy and save time and improve farming productivity.

In the place of 1 or two cows, he can bring more cattle at the same time he can feed and get more profits

Traditional Practices

Farmers may be habituated to the old practices and they are accustomed and not interested in changing manual chaffing to use a chaff cutter.

They might use the old traditional methods like chaffing with the axes, and knives to cut the grass.

Lack of Access

The farmers who are living in remote areas may not have access to the buying options. the delivery channels might not be set up to serve the required chaff cutters.

Economically backward villages and villages that are very far from the cities may not have access to the advantages of chara-cutting machines.

Training and Skills

Dairy farmers need some basic knowledge of how to use the chaff cutters and how to troubleshoot the basic problems in machines. due to the lack of education or not the availability of training, they may not use the chaff cutters

Power Supply

The power supply in remote areas may not be available due to this the use of chaff cutters will be reduced. the power is the main source to run the cutting machine. As India is a developed country power distribution and infrastructure has been developing

Repairs and Maintenance

The farmers are worried about finding the skilled technician and spare parts particularly those who are staying in remote areas.

With the continuity of the operation, it is difficult to use the traditional method after the repair so this will be the major concern

Size of Farm

If it is a small size farm they don’t like to invest in machinery, and the smaller landholders don’t like to invest more in the machine than they will use traditional methods to feed the animals.

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