Mini chaff cutter machine price

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About Mini chaff cutter machines

Mini chaff cutters are small machinery and will be used in small and medium-sized dairy farms. These mini chaff cutter prices are affordable and can easily move from one place to another place

The mini chaff cutters are the most selling machinery in the dairy farm industry. The mini chaff cutters are best for making the hay and green fodder in an easy process.

The final result of the easy machines is the increase in the amount of milk and finally profitable dairy farms.

Benefits of mini chaff cutter machine


The mini chaff cutter machines are simple and portable from one place to another place in the dairy farm with a single person.

It is also easy to get transportation to remote areas, mostly in villages and tribal areas


The mini chaff cutter machines are designed for small and medium-sized dairy farms, the mini chaff cutter machine prices are low compared with higher models.

Due to the market demand and more sellers, these are available with the lowest costs,

Easy to operate

With the simple operating process, mini chaff cutters stand in the first row and farmers can transform their chaffing work from manual to automatic. 

With less knowledge, everyone can operate the machine it just has an on/off procedure and a gear system to select the desired chaff size

What to check while choosing a mini chaff cutter machine

Size of the farm

Choosing the mini chaff cutter is sufficient for small and medium farms, depending upon the farm size we need to consider the mini chaff cutter machine.

These machines are not suitable for the big size dairy farms

Cost of machine

The mini chaff cutters are available from RS. 20,000 which are affordable for small and medium farmers.

The chaffing machine price will depend upon the type of material, brand and motor capacity

Gear system

The gear system is very useful in choosing the desired chaff size, while checking the prices of mini chaff cutter machines consider checking whether it has the gear system or not.

Single-phase or three-phase

Most of the mini chaff cutters are available in single phase but in tribal areas, the farms are located far from the residential places we need to check whether a single phase is available or not if three phases are the only option consider asking the seller to provide three phase motor