Merits and Demerits of Using second-hand chaff cutters

While buying the chaff cutters farmers consider whether to choose a used chaff cutter or a new chaff cutter, depending upon the budget and availability. dairy farmers choose the chara-cutting machine. The new Chaff cutter machine price is competitive when we compare it with the old one.

merits and demerits of used chaff cutters

Below are some main points to consider before purchasing the chara katne wala machine

Merits of Second-hand chaff cutters

Cost Effective

The cost of the second-hand chaff cutter is very low when it comes to the new chara machine, the saving with the second-hand machine can be used for farm expansion or used in operations.

Depending upon the technology the prices will be increased year on year but the second chaff cutter is decided on the year of purchase and the usability of the machine.


Second-hand chara machines are easily available in the local market and online they can go and bring the machines to the second-hand machine shops easily

For who need urgent requirements can easily get it from the without waiting delivery time and installation will time be reduced

local dealers and local auctions are the sources that offer a wide range of chaff cutters to choose from as per the needs

Trusted or Tracked Performance

The machine was already used so the buyer can easily understand the previous performance and evaluate whether it suitable for the present use

Farmers seek reviews or suggestions from previous owners to understand the situation of the machine.

Easy to resell

Depending upon the budget constraints farmers are likely to buy the used machines, so whenever there is a need farmers can easily resell them to the local buyers

Demerits of the Used Chaff Cutters

Limited Warranty and Guarantee

The warranty or guarantee will not be available for the old machines, There is no manufacturer warranty available

Farmers may face repairs and maintenance limited access to technical support spare parts and the risk of downtime of the machine

Repair costs and spare parts costs might be higher to add any spare parts damaged like blades, motor, and other parts of the kutti machine

Potential Wear and Tear

The chaff cutter might explicit to wear and tear and the old machine requires replacement of the parts sooner compared to the new machine

Farmers must evaluate the situation of the machine to understand the life of the machine for the use

Service History

The service history is unknown of the old machines, previous owners might not have followed the scheduled maintenance or might have used the machine over than its capacity

Technical aspects

The old chaff cutters have old technology and lack new technology available the new chaff cutters

outdated features cause low performance which affects productivity

With the above aspects, farmers must consider all the aspects before buying a new or old one. The new one runs for a time with the latest technology which can result in unstoppable farming operations

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