Maintenance Tips for 3 HP chaff cutter machines

Hey! You are on the right path to check the maintenance tips for 3 HP motor-powered chaff cutters. Most of the time we may not open and read the guide with the chaff cutter.

So those who are not interested read the booklets we dairy yantra gives some simple and easy steps to increase the life of your 3 HP Chara machine.

Maintenance Tips for 3 HP chaff cutter machines

Cleaning is the Primary Work

Every time you start it is always best to clean the machine carefully it is best to use the brushes. Before the start or after the completion of the chaffing make the machine clean.

The stuck straw or hay will stop the machine and reduce the performance of the motor and blades

Sharp the Blades at least every week

The performance of the chaff cutting will always depend upon the sharpness of the chaff cutter blades. At least sharpen the blades with the sharpening stone every week

Upon the usage of the machine, it may required to change the blades for some time like six months.

With good blades, the load upon the motor will become less, and the chaff quality also increases observe the chaff regularly if you find any irregular sizes and adjust the blades properly

Give some oil and grease

Oil and grease are the most important factors for the smooth operation of the 3 HP motor chaff cutter, giving the grease to the bearings, belts and other moving parts.

At least for a week or fifteen days give some grease for the best chaffing experience and increase the life of your chaff cutter.

Keep away from the open area

Keep the machine stored or placed inside the room or it must be covered, to protect it from different weather conditions keep the machine inside the shed.

If possible cover the machine with a plastic cover to protect it from the rain and fog in the winter season and rainy seasons

Fix the Problems first.

If there are any repairs in the machine it is always best to fix them as soon as possible, a minor repair will cause a major repair. So observe and fix if any problem can be fixed immediately.

If not able to understand the repair take professional assistance.

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