Issues Facing by Farmers with Low-Quality Chaff Cutters and Bad Suppliers

In the online and offline world farmers are the users of the chaff cutters. due to the multiple issues with low-quality chaff cutters which are highly affecting the farming operations.

By motivating the farmers through YouTube channels and fake videos they tend the farmers to buy their chaffing machines.

Issues Facing by Farmers with Low-Quality Chaff Cutters and Bad Suppliers

Inefficient Cutting

The low-quality chaff cutters give bad results, and the cutting size and speed are not sufficient as per the money spent on the machines.

This leads to less nutrient value in the feed intake for the animals. also, the size of the chaff is not uniform.

the stems of the grass will remain the same sometimes and the grass will remain residue in the cutter.

Breakdown of the machine

the poor material quality causes the breakdown of the machine, Due to the frequent breakdown it causes delays in the processing of the fodder and repair costs.

Unnecessary headaches with the machine and tension for the farmer to the breakdown he needs to wait for the machine to cool or he needs to chaff only a few amounts of the grass

Wastage of Resources

The badly designed and malfunctioning chaff cutter causes the wastage of useful resources. The loss of resources will increase expenses as the machines are good they can be used for feed for the cattle

Increased labor effort

The inadequate machine causes the labourers to put a high effort into cutting time and machine work.

If the machine is slow more time will be wastage on the machine also the other work like cleaning of shed and cleaning of cattle will be less taken care which will cause become less productive

The farmer needs to spend more money on labour only the cause of the bad machine.

Financial Loss

Not only do we lose time lose it also causes the loss of money, The cost of repairs will be increase and animal productivity also reduced due to bad chaffed grass.

Spending money on labour, wastage of grass, spending money on spare parts to replace will cause financial loss for the farmer

Lack of After-Sales Support

Bad suppliers may not provide good after-sale support they may not support in promised warranty and guarantee, Technical support, and spare parts.

They leave the farmers without giving the proper maintenance and repair services as there might be no answering of calls and not giving the correct response in time as well as not providing the required spare parts in time.

Impact on Livestock

Poor quality chaff can cause less performance and health problems for the animals. If the fodder is not properly processed the animal faces digestion problems as well as the absorption of the nutrients in the grass will be reduced.

Which directly affects the reduction in the production of milk, weight loss, and reproduction problems

Milk production will be decreased due to recent breakdowns and improper processing of the chaff causes health causes in livestock. the schedules which are followed by farmers in dairy will be disturbed by the recent repairs

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