Innovative Features to Look for in a Modern Chaff Cutter

In a Growing era of modern technology farming is also taking new steps to adopt the technology Especially in the chaff cutters we can see a lot of new technologies will arrive and which enhance the total dairy and farming industries.

These are the certain features we will see in the latest chaff cutters, we will see what are those.

Features to Look for in a Modern Chaff Cutter

Adjustable Cutting Length

Now in the current chaff cutters, we can see there are two options for the cutting length one is small and large. There is no option other than that. Modern chaff cutters allow the operator to select a variety of cutting options in chaff length and the machine will cut accordingly.

Instead of small or medium, we will have multiple options like selecting the size of the chaff in size instead medium and large options

Speed Control

In the present chaff cutter, we did not find the speed control options, with the modern chaff cutters we will see a speed control option, Upon the type of grass we will select the speed. This feature allows to not to jam the grass in the blades.

The speed control option is good if we have multiple grass types like dry and green grass.

Self Feeding Mechanism

The self-feeding mechanism automatically feeds the grass into the machine without taking any help from the labour or operator.

The farmers bring the grass and add the whole grass to the feeder, the machine will pull the grass in small amounts and cut it into small parts

This feature saves the cost of the amount spent on labour and time spent on feeding the machine manually.

Reverse Function

This reverse function in the chaff cutter allows the machine to reverse when it is jammed, when the machine is jammed and the blades are unable to move the user can apply the reverse option.

This can help to easily remove the blockages that cause the machine to stop. This option is currently available in some of the high-power machines like 5 HP, and 7 HP chaff cutters

Safety Sensors and Auto Shutoff

In modern innovations, the chaff cutters will be available with the auto shut-off option, these safety sensors in the latest chaff cutters help in saving the operator from injuries and wounds.

When the machine is overheated or over vibrated these sensors trigger the shutoff system and prevent damage from the machine to the operator.

The safety sensors find any jam in the machine and evaluate the machine speed upon the reduced speed these trigger an alarm system for jam in the kutti machine

Simplified Cleaning and Maintenance

A simple cleaning mechanism in modern chaff cutters helps easily detachable components, cutting chambers and an easy quick-release system make the chaffing work easier and save a lot of time.

In traditional kutti machines, the farmers need to remove the screws and bolts and sometimes it is difficult to remove the jammed grass to remove.

Energy Efficient

With the improvement in modern technologies, it looks for alternative power sources like solar will be used also the manufacturers look to optimise the power consumption of the motor.

This helps the environment as well as the cost savings for the farmers

Improvement in Safety Guards

It enables the to look for more safety for the operators,  auto locking system of the machine while running with this user not allowed to open the blade guards while running as well as auto turnoff system when someone touches the machine while operating.

Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

With the collection of data relating to the repairs and maintenance, the manufacturers analyse what causes more repairs and understand the major repairs that they will make the machines with robot technology and high-quality material to increase the longevity for the particular part

User-Friendly Controls and Interface

The modern chaff cutters will be available with more user-friendly and controllable, touch screens and digital displays will easier the operation of the machine.

It enables the user to select multiple options such as cutting sizes, Motor speed, auto lock and amount of feed to input.

Portability and Mobility

Our traditional chaff cutters are difficult to transport they manually need to be moved to the place and installed.

While the modern kutti machines take a place in taking the machine wherever the operator wants to move.

Integration with Digital systems

Also, we will see the modern machine will integrate with the digital system which enables us to identify the data and analyse the data to make decisions in implementing feeding strategies.

This will have a big impact on understanding the feeding numbers like the amount of feed, and the type of feed chaffed in each day.

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