How to Use the Chaff Cutter for Making Dry Grass.

The chaff cutters are also used to make the different types of dry grasses, the dry grass is more important in cattle. The dry matter must be consumed by every animal to increase metabolism and grow its weight.

Chaff Cutter for Making Dry Grass.

There are two situations where more wet grass or no grass to overcome this situation farmers must make the greenery grass into the dry grass

We will find some of the types of grasses and how to use the chaff cutter to make them in a useful manner.

Uses of Making Dry Grass with the Chaff Cutter

  • Dry Grass is a hard particle it is very hard to eat animals when it is not chaffed but if we chaff in an organized manner it is good for animals to eat.
  • Less Wastage: When the greenery grass is high the farmers give more greenery grass even though the animals do not eat, the same grass can be prepared for the chaffed dry grass and we can give it in summer or when there are continuous rains.
  • More Weight Gain: In the sheep and goat farm the dry grass plays a vital role, the small animals need at least 2-3% dry matter every day calculated on their body weight. When we give the combination of dry and green grass the growth of the animals will be very high.
  • Cost Saving: When it is summer the availability of grass is reduced if the farmers already stored it before the season the farmer can escape from the higher cost to be spent on the grass.

Types of Grass to Make Dry Grass with Chaff Cutter


The maize is the best grass, to make the dry matter, Up on the readiness of the crude and dry matter in the maize, the farmers choose and cut the crop at once and make it cut and store in the area where there is less moisture.

In the maize also varieties like African tall maize give higher yields, in the African tall maize the crude and dry matter is available in good ratios

using the chaff cutter for dry grass will make the work easier, with the chaff cutter the dry grass can become more useful manner to the cattle

Super Napier:`

Super Napier is the most used grass in the dairy and sheep and goat farm. The crop gives nearly 100 -150 tons of grass which depends upon the type of land.

Due to the lower water availability in the summer, the grows will grow lesser when there is good weather it grows very fast and gives the highest amount of grass at that time farmers must cut and chaff it and save for the summer season.


Sorghum is also a very high-yield crop and this is also very useful to make dry grass.

This grass gives high nutritional feed for milking animals, to make the animals with continued milking the farmers must make the dry grass of sorghum.


The Alfalfa is good for sheep and goat farms, goat and sheep farms require a regular feed of dry matter.

We can spare the required amount of land and plant the alfalfa when the plants are flowering stage then we can make the dry matter from them.

Important points preparation of dry grass with the chaff cutter.

  • We must use only the grass that contains less moisture, if there is more moisture there is a risk of fungus and the grass will not be saved for longer.
  • Storage is also very important you must save inside the shed where the rain won’t affect the stored grass. If you are keeping it outside we must use tarpaulin to cover the whole grass.
  • By cutting the dry grass high dust will be generated, and the operator must wear masks and tight clothes.
  • Understand the required size of the grass and then chaff the grass generally the dry grass will work even if the size is a little bigger

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