How to Safely Operate the Chaff Cutter?

You must use the kutti machine safely while inserting the grass you must concentrate and work safely, there is a high danger of losing hands and fingers if misused instead of taking a used machine,

How to Safely Operate the Chaff Cutter

Importance of Safety

We must follow safety while using any machinery, especially a toka machine, if you are using a chaff cutter it will have blades we will work close to the machine and insert the grass into it so safety is the primary thing to remember

Understand the controls and components

You must be aware of the primary components of the machine and also must remember the controls like the off/on switch and where to insert grass where we need away your head, hands, legs, and body.

Safety Equipment

You need to use gloves and also use the gear to control the machine chaff cuts into very small pieces and dust will also come so you need protective glasses to protect the eyes

Inspecting and Maintaining

You must inspect the chaff cutter machine every day before the start and after completion, check if any wires are bitten by rats, and check the blades if they are loose.

You must give grease to smoothen the operation to maintain the chaff cutter for a long-lasting operation

Reading and following the user manual

The user manual contains instructions on how to use and operate it, you must check and operate the machine once bring it to the farm a user manual is provided to all the machines with full all instructions that must be followed

Power Source Precaution

While operating with the power, safely align all the wires you must not loosen the wires or keep open any split wires. we must not use the machine until the split wires are repaired or covered.

Emergency Stop procedures

You must be prepared well if any unexpected thing happens, Instead of giving a direct power connection give an ON/OFF switch very close to the place where operating so it can help to stop the machine if any unexpected danger or problem is arises

Clearing Blockages.

Once the cutting process is done you must check if their blockages are there and check if any grass remains in the machine and blocking the blades.

With the blockages which may affect and cause the machine to vibrate and lose the bolts always clear the blockages and then use the machine.

Storing the Chaff cutter safely

You must store the chaff cutter safely, and cover the machine with the plastic cover mouses will enter or other small creatures will enter the machine if not.

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