How to Maintain Chaff Cutter Easy guide for farmers

We can buy a chaff cutter by checking the performance and quality of the material and warranty. Still, we also need to maintain the machine to give us the utmost performance for a long time to ensure we follow a few simple steps.

Chaff only grasses and hay, people are using Super Napier as the primary feed for dairy farms the chaff cutter can make the Super Napier into small pieces you can also use the kutti machine for crop wastes, and hay will run without any issues but if you put hardwoods the performance of the blade will be slower sometimes the blades will get damaged

How to Maintain Chaff Cutter Easy guide for farmers

So do not insert very hardwoods in the chaff cutter for safer use and to make the performance of the blade as it is

We need to clean the chaff cutter machine before starting, Whenever we do chaffing some waste or particles will be kept inside the machine, it should be removed before we start

You need to add grease and oil for smooth performance, you can add grease at least once a week depending on the performance of the machine

Kept the chaff cutter machine inside the shed, and avoid using it in rainy conditions avoid the machine from rain the motor will be damaged if the water goes inside

Use a starter to turn on/off the machine instead of a direct power supply, whenever there is an issue you can supply off and turn on the machine

Change the blades every six months, the blades must be sharpened to cut the grass effectively if not it affects the performance and makes the other parts of the kutti machine damaged

Keep the kutti machine on an equal surface while starting, it is one side causes a reduction in performance over time do not overuse the machine you can give a break every 1 -2 hour

Cover the chaff cutter machine after use, rats and other creatures will damage the wires if we do not keep them in the proper place if you use the machine with the discussed points, it will work well as you selected as the best

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