How to Maintain 2 HP Chaff Cutter Machine

If you own the 2 HP chaff cutter owner you must understand some of the important points on how to maintain these chaffing machines.

These 2 HP chaff cutter machines are the most selling and most used tools in the dairy and sheep and goat farm industry.

To use small and medium-sized farms, the farmers mostly prefer to select the 2 HP powered chaff cutters.

Maintaining 2 HP chaff cutter

On the other hand, to smoothen its operation for day-to-day use it is essential to monitor and to work on its regular maintenance tasks.

To help our farmers, our Dairy Yantra team came up with best practices. we not only sell the chaff cutter we are also responsible sellers to help the farm owners on issues raised in chaff cutter operations.

Common Maintenance Tasks in 2 HP Chaff cutters

There are so many tasks a farmer can do for the chaffing machine but due to the best use of time for the dairy farm, we suggest only some of the important tasks to run the machine without any issues.

Cleaning is Best

For the best use of the chaff cutter machine, it is always an essential task to clean the debris and particles of grass stuck inside the blades.

Running continuously without cleaning these blades may make it hard for the machine to rotate the blades. This causes a reduction in performance and life of the motor.

For easy cleaning, you can maintain a brush so that it makes it easier to go to the place where it is not possible to put the hand.

Greasing and Oiling are essential

For your 2 HP chaff cutter, it is best to maintain the oil and grease. On a day-to-day basis, operations the machine may be harder to run so giving some oil and grease will smoothen the machine.

To protect the machine from all weather conditions and wear and tear it is best to give greese before are after the use of the machine.

It is always best to give the grease to the moving parts like blades, gearbox and bearings to ensure the longevity of the machine

Blade Maintenance

In the 2 HP chaff cutter, the blades should be focused to maintain the sharpness and efficiency in every chaffing.

When we observe dullness are inefficient chaff we can use the sharpening stone or make the blades sharpen with professional assistance

After the use the years, we may need to exchange the blades, to ease the process we must contact the seller for the correct size blades that suit best for the machine

Electrical Maintenance Tasks

We must keep the machine to make better use without any issues with electricity. We must check if any damage to the wiring. If we find we must repair it at the earliest to avoid electric shock and reduction in chaff cutter performance.

Make sure to use the on-and-off system to make sure to turn the machine off in emergencies.

While using the machine make sure it is dry while raining we must take more care to prevent any issues.

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