How to Choose the Right Chaff Cutter or Kutti Machine? A Detailed Guide.

A chaff cutter is an important tool for farmers, it is mostly used in dairy farms and sheep/goat farms to cut the grass into small pieces it is useful to decrease the waste and increase the productivity.

When it comes to the selection of the best chaff cutter, Kutti Machine you can go with some of the options that give you some idea

How to Choose the Right Chaff Cutter

Size of the farm

Depending on the farm size you can select the chaff cutter the cutters are tractor-operated, electrical, and hand-operated.

if you have a big farm you can choose a tractor tractor-operated cutter which is easy to move and highest cutting capacity after that you select the electrical cutter which has 3HP, 2HP kutti machine, and single HP cut.

Warranty and Guarantee

You must check the guarantee and warranty before buying, if there are any repairs and maintenance in the future is easy and cost-effective for your needs

Used or New

Used cutters are less expensive but it may result in repairs and a warranty and guarantee might not apply to it, It is also a waste of time if the machine stops you need to manually cut or give the feed as usual until gets repaired

Customers Reviews

You can check the reviews online or you can also ask the farmers who are already using the same company cutter and get the details about the repairs and maintenance.

Number of Blades and Power Supply

Check how many blades are provided and also the check power supply type like 3phase or single phase in farms 3phase power is available if you purchase single phase it will not work.\

It is also suggested to check all the available options online and nearest stores to compare the multiple chaff cutters and get the best one of your choice.

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