Factors to consider when choosing a 2 HP chaff cutter machine

While choosing the 2 HP kutti machine you must consider some of the important points. In India there are so many farmers are starting their journey towards the dairy farm and goat and sheep farms.

factors to consider choosing 2 HP chaff cutter

While starting the new farms, the farmers are searching for the best ways to feed the animals. To fulfil the complete feeding needs of the animals farmers are choosing the chaff cutters

In the selection of the chaff cutters, the main concern for the new dairy farmers is budget due to the small size of the farm they are likely to spend less amount.

To match the budget as well as the features the 2 HP chaff cutter machines are becoming high demand and most selling machines in the dairy farm.

We Dairy Yantra a chaff cutter and other farming equipment suppliers are responsible for helping the farmers to clear their doubts regarding the chaff cutters.

In most of the villages the farmers are newly adopting the latest technologies, instead of the manual work farmers are trying to switch to the more productive usage of the tools like chaff cutters.

While buying the 2 HP chaff cutter every farmer must understand these points to understand the complete use and match the budget as well

Optimal Horsepower

Choosing the 2-horsepower motor in the chaffing machine matches the scale of the farming needs. This 2 HP motor power is not less or not more.

This optimal power can sufficiently cut the grass for the new dairy having 2-5 cows

Plug and Play of the machine

You must ensure about the available power sources to run the 2 HP chaff cutter, nowadays the electricity is available in every village as well. Upon availability of electricity type like a single phase or three phase, you can order the motor.

Cutting edge and Number of Blades

The secret of efficient cutting in every chaff cutter is cutting blades, The blades must be sturdy and sharp. 

To ensure the smoothen running of the machine as well as to reduce the noise levels the sharpened blades are very important in every chaff cutter

Customised Chopping

To match the chaff as per the animals’ requirements, we must have the option to select the size of the chaff, Small ruminant animals like sheep, Goats and Rabbits require small pieces of grass and other animals like cows and buffaloes size chaff works

Long Lasting Materials

A chaff cutter is a long-term investment for every farmer while selecting these the material used for them must be made with quality

A solid and durable material like stainless steel is preferable to make the machine work for a longer time.

The return of the money depends upon the quality of the machine as well as the motor

Famous supplier

If you don’t know about the best suppliers in the market you can do some research online by checking the previous customer reviews.

The pricing models will be different but the quality will depend upon the manufacturer of the machine so we must look for some best chaff cutter machine manufacturers

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