Chaff cutter machine with motor price

Earlier we used traditional chaff cutters which are driven manually in the modern era of new inventions we are using chaff cutters with motors.

By choosing the chaff cutters with the motor there are several benefits. And we also have several chara machines with motor option.

Benefits of chaff cutter with motor

There are several benefits the motorised chaff cutters which are 

Saves time and labour

With motorised chaff cutters, we can save a lot of time and labour costs spent on manual chaff cutters.

Changing from manual to motor-operated chaff cutters is not a big deal there are several chaff cutter sellers available in India you can choose one with the best value for the money.

Improved Animal Health

Due to the higher quality of the grass animal health will be improved. The improvement of animal health can lead to higher milk production

Wastages reduced

Chopped fodder will reduce the overall wastage of the grass, and a motorised chaff cutter leads to higher chaffing capacity and will help with the overall wastage of grass in the dairy farm.

Factors to consider while choosing the chaff cutter with motor

Motor size

When choosing the chaff cutter with the motor for your dairy farm we need to consider the motor size the size of the motor is calculated in horsepower mainly there are different types like 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP and 5 HP models

On the size of the farm you can choose the motor capacity,


A small increase in your budget can help in increasing the performance of the chaff cutter. With the RS. 5000-10000 difference from manual to electric will help in increasing the complete capacity of the farm

Type of Fodder

Fodders like Super Napier require motorised chaff cutters, with the manual chaff cutters it will become tuff to chaff with the labour.

So choosing the chaff cutter with a motor is useful to cut hard grasses like super napier and also the hay and other hard grasses.