Are you trying to find a Chaff cutter in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore, We are giving the best kutti machines which suit your farm.

Our 3HP chaff cutters work effectively to cut the grass which enables you to have smooth and easy operation

Prices of Chaff Cutter in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore

The price of Chaff cutters starts from 15,000. which is the basic model but when you trying to find some best chaff cutters like Dairy Yantra it is available at the price of 23,000

The prices will be changed from supplier to supplier and depend upon the quality of materials used.

How can I find the Correct Chaf Cutter in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore

If you want to match the correct chaff cutter for your farm you need to understand the basic thing like available animals and the amount of feed required.

For medium-sized farms 3HP chaff cutter works in an hour it cuts an average of 500 kg of wet grass.

On average an animal is 2-3% of its body weight. on the basis, it would be 25 to 30 KGs for one cow or buffalo.

For 3HP chaff cutters we dairy Yantra giving the best option for farmers within the competitive price with quality of motor.

Can I Buy Online or in Local Shops in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu?

The choice of buying is in your hand hence online has several number of choices in kutti machines.

The prices will be available at the competitive prices. especially farmers are concerned about the delivery and installation options.

We Dairy Yantra give the free delivery option to our customers and installation is very simple one of our executives will be in contact until the completion of the installation as well as we are best at giving after-sale support.

What are the Maintenance Tasks Required?

In any machine there should be basic maintenance, without that also it can run but it causes a reduction in the life of the chaff cutter.

  • Sharpening the blades
  • Addin grease 
  • Removing the wastage in stuck grass from the blades
  • Storing well after completion away from rain

What Grass can I plant and cut with a Chaff Cutter?

The main reason for buying a chaff cutter is to cut the grass You need sufficient grass to chaff for the everyday requirements on your farm. 

You can plant some of the grasses to meet the feeding requirement.

  • Super Napier
  • Sorghum
  • Hedge Lucerne
  • African Tall Maize
  • Other available grass varieties as per your climate conditions

How to Make the ROI from Chaff Cutter Investment?

You can get back the return on investment from the chaff cutter within six months based on the farm production

  • You can see incremental in Milk production
  • You can make the silage and store
  • You can rent the machine when there is a high availability of Grass