Are you searching for Chaff cutters in Karnataka, Bangalore? If yes our Dairy Yantra is ready to provide the best machine for your farm. With our Chaff cutters, you can make the work easier without any breakdowns and Repairs.

Instead of Buying Second Hand Chaff cutters in Karnataka, You can choose a brand new chaff cutter from Dairy Yantra within the budget.

Our Chaff cutter is highly reliable in making the chaff into small pieces which are very easy to chew and digest for the cattle on your farm

Reasons to Buy Chaff Cutter in Karnataka, Bangalore

  • Easy of Operation, Good feed for Animals to Eat and Digest
  • Affordable Prices and Return on Investment in Short Period
  • Reduce Labour charges and Increase Milk Production
  • Good for Animal Health, Proper consumption of Dry matter and Nutrients

What are the Prices of Chaff cutters in Karnataka, Bangalore?

You can choose the 3HP chaff cutters from INR. 25,000 which is affordable for small and medium farms.

For the number of cows 1-10, this 3HP chaff cutter works well to give sufficient feed within less time.

If you are planning for tractor-mounted chaff cutters, prices start from 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh depending upon the company and machine size.

With the initial investment you can start with the Mini Chaff cutter for your farming needs in Karnataka.

What are the Requirements Before Buying Chaff Cutter?

Grass is the input required for every farm, You should maintain or plant sufficient grasses like Super Napier, Maize or Sorghum to Cut and Feed the Cows or Sheep and Goats.

You can buy the chaff cutter while you starting and keep it ready to cut the grass when required.

Grasses like super napier give more yield than other crops, you can plant the saplings of the grass and get the cutting of the grass in three to four months.

With our Chaff cutter, you can also cut dry grasses like paddy straw, maize, and peanut forage very well