Benefits of Using Chaff Cutters in Sheep and Goat Farming

Goat and Sheep farming is one of the best income streams for farmers, in place of dairy farmers can establish goat and sheep farming. it is one of the best and most good industries to consider as the demand for meat is increasing.

Where feeding is an important factor in sheep and goat farming, we will let understand how to properly utilize the chaff cutter

Less Work or Labor

In goat and sheep farming farmers take the cattle out of grazing it needs labor intervention, we need to start in the morning and end the feeding in the evening. this will make high efforts and work for the shepherds.

In the place of outgrazing, we can use chaff cutters and make them feed inside with the concept of zero grazing.

People believe that it will not go without taking to out grazing but the reality is these will work by making the feed inside the farm.

With the use of a chaff cutter, you can cut a variety of crops like super Napier, alfalfa, and hedge Lucerne and feed them without issue.

Faster Growth

With a chaff cutter, you can cut and give the feed in a calculated ratio with this the sheep and goats get the high nutritional food and grow faster making an extra profit for the shepherds.

You can mix legumes and non-legume grasses and feed the animal to increase the growth

Helps in making dry fodder

Dry fodder is an important ingredient in sheep and goat farming, you can cut the grasses like sorghum, alfalfa, and hedge lucerne and make it dry and feed to the cattle for faster results in body weight.

Uniform cutting or Small Pieces of grass

Goats and sheep have a small mouth that needs the grass in small pieces to eat easily, so with a chara cutter we can cut the maize, super napier, and non-legume grasses and feed easily as per the required size of the chaff.

Fewer Diseases

The diseases will be drastically reduced with zero grazing which is only possible with the use of a chara machine. when the goats go out for grazing they drink the bad water and eat the grass that is very greenery and has less dry matter

you can make the feed inside the shed as per the nutritional requirement understand how much feed the animal had and give the required feed properly


If you use a chaff cutter you just need to increase the crop size like increasing the planting of maize or hedge lucerne which increases the number of animals

but if you don’t use a chaff cutter you can’t decide to take more cattle outside to feed

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