All About Tractor Operated PTO Chaff cutters

Tractor-operated chaff cutters are the future of the dairy farming industry. These machines run with the PTO.

Farmers prefer to use tractor-operated chaff cutters because most of the farmers already have tractors used for farming uses.

A Tractor PTO runs and the chaffing machine is attached to it, when PTO runs around the machine also runs the blades so that it makes the grass into pieces.

High-Speed cutting

The tractor-operated chaff cuter is best for high-speed cutting of grass which is most suited for large dairy farms. The tractors have a high power, mostly 55 HP, and the cutting process will be very easy.

It can give the larger dairy farms a maximum of an hour of cutting. The blades run very fast and no more waiting in the cutting process.

Easy to Transport

It is combined with the tractor you need to lift manually and there is no need for manual intervention. Also, you need to bring the grass to the shed to chaff.

You can simply move the tractor to wherever you want on the farm then you can cut and bring the chaffed grass in the tractor trolley

No Electricity Required

There is no need for electricity to run the machine, it works as extra fitting for the tractor and runs with the power of the tractor.

Whenever there are power cuts or no power supply is available you need to worry just use the tractor-operated machines to make the best chaffing experience.

No labor cost

Labour costs will be reduced to bring the grass from the field to the shed and to make the chaff. just drive the tractor and cut the chaff then it will be easy to bring to the farm without the extra effort

Best for Silage Making

Tractor Tractor-operated chaff cutters are very well suited for silage making. When making the silage it needs high performance to chaff the high amount of grass.

The machines will have lower performance and may not work as compared with the tractor-operated chaff cutter.

You can make the silage process complete within a very short time. it is just the time needed to cut the grass and feed it into the machine.

There is no stoppage of the machine and no breakdown problems with the machine while processing the high amount of grass for silage making.

Return on Investment

The farmers are already using tractors so it is very simple to transform to the high-performance mode of chaffing just by bringing the machine.

The farmers can make the bales with additional grass and they can rent the machine to the other farmers on an hourly basis.

If other farmers do not have this high-performing machine, while they making the silage they seek this machine by paying the rental amount

Smooth Operation and No breakdowns

With the high power the machine runs very smoothly, you need not find any breakdowns while chaffing the grass.

Grass will be struck in the blades and stop the machine, with the fast operation of the blades the grass will be chaffed and blown out.

Future Guaranty

The future of the chaff cutters is aligned with the tractors, in the growing economy farmers will acquire the tractors0.

instead of buying the separate chaff cutter, they will choose the tractor PTO chaff cutters as they already own the tractors

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