All About Electrical Chaff Cutter VS Tractor mounted Chaff Cutter

Upon the usage of the farm and requirements, you may select the right chaff cutter. here we will provide key differences between tractor-mounted chaff cutters and Electrical Chaff Cutters.

Electrical Chaff Cutters

Electrical Chaff cutters are the most used machines in the dairy industry due to the farm sizes and cost concerns Electrical Chaff cutters become more in demand. There are more sellers available across Indian states. If you are in Telangana you can get the best chaff cutters in Telangana, Hyderabad or If you belong to Karnataka you can find some best chaff cutters across Karnataka, Bangalore

In electrical Chaff cutters, there are multiple varieties of there mini chaff cutters, Kutti Machine that are most searched for and used in the farming industry.

2HP Chaff Cutters

2HP chara machines are mostly used for small farms. if the farmer has one or two cows it works without any hustle. the time taken for cutting and the cost of the machine will match the needs of the small farmer. if you are looking to buy a 2HP chaff cutter online reconsider your farm size and budget.

3HP Chaff Cutters

3HP Electrical Chaff cutters are designed especially to meet the cutting process for small and medium farms. it can be used from one to eight cattle. the process of cutting will be 600 to 800 KG/hour. this will be sufficient for the medium-sized farms without the extra effort.

If you are considering choosing a 3 HP chara machine you must check if you have a good budget under 25,000 RS and if the animals are less than eight

Uses and Disadvantages of Electrical Chaff Cutters

  • Electrical Chaff cutters are cost-effective, they are the best in price compared with tractor-mounted chaff cutters.
  • Easy to buy and more sellers available, Farmer has the choice between multiple products to choose from and buy
  • Electrical Chara machines are very easy to operate if it is fixed once the grass can be brought to the shed and cut as the scheduled process
  • With Electrical Kutti machine cost of electricity becomes less in some states like Telangana the electricity is free for farmers. it will cause no extra spending on operating
  • The maintenance is easy for Electrical Chara cutters, which have minimal equipment that can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Electrical Chaff cutters are well suited for the Indian farming industry because most of the farms are small and medium
  • Easy availability of spare parts is one of the major advantages, there are more sellers so easy to get spare parts like blades, belts, and other bolts
  • When coming to disadvantages it is not suited for big farms, its performance is not meet the expectations of the big farm’s process
  • It is not easy to move the cutter from one place to another place, it must be fixed in one place to use
  • It must need electricity when there is no electricity it is not possible to operate

Uses and Disadvantages of Tractor-operated Chaff Cutters

Tractor-operated chaff cutters are less used machines in the dairy industry, In India the farming industry is nearly 70% dependent upon farming. most of them are small and medium farmers. Tractor chara machines are mostly used in big farms to meet the high cutting performance. The feed requirement is high so tractor kutti machines are used to fulfill the requirement.

  • Tractor Tractor-operated chaff cutters have high performance, it will take less time to feed more animals.
  • We can take the tractor-operated chaff cutters anywhere on the farm instead of bringing the grass to the shed we can chaff the grass wherever we want it reduces the manual effort of humans once chaffed we can load it in a tractor trolley
  • These machines run with the PTO of a tractor hence no electricity is required to operate.
  • These machines are not suitable for small farms because of the investment we need to buy a tractor as well as the machine both are high in the cost
  • The petrol or diesel will be the extra cost to operate, so we need to spend every day on fuel
  • The availability of spare parts and support from the seller will be less because these are the least selling and less competitive
  • Tractor mounted chaff cutters are difficult to resale due to fewer buyers it becomes hard to resale or exchange.
  • A farmer must have the skill of tractor driving without the skill it will not work.

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