About 2HP Chaff cutter, Uses and Demerits

2HP chaff cutters are medium-sized and lightweight, which are most helpful in chaffing the small and medium types of farms.

These 2 HP chaff cutter machines prices are available in the budget to small and medium farms to afford and start immediately also these machines are used in farming small farmers can bring and use them for the starting of a new dairy.

Uses of 2HP Chaff cutters

we will broadly discuss some of the major uses of 2HP chaff cutters, you can get to know some of the key information on these machines.

Get in Budget

When starting a new dairy or sheep farm the major investment will go on making the shed and buying the cattle also the farm needs the grass.

The farmer needs to spend the majority of the amount on these cattle, sheds, and grass after that he needs to buy the chaff cutter.

This causes a tight budget to go for the high-performing machines, 2HP is sufficient for 2-5 cows but when the dairy grows he can move to the high-performing machine.

The farmer can save some money on the initial investment so most of the farmers choose the 2HP chaff cutter as the budget is the main constraint

Sufficient for Small Farmers

Small farmers are not ready to invest a high amount of money in machinery, if a farmer has 1 or 2 cows buying the kutti machines with a big investment may not use them.

He might increase or may not increase the farm size in the future but he can buy cattle with the same investment instead of the machine.

So 2 Hp fulfill the needs of small farmers as well, whether it is one, two, or five the chaff cutter can make the work easier with the lowest investment.

A small farmer can afford the kutti machine and also he will have the option to upgrade in the future as the profit grows.

Easy Operation and Less Maintenance

As a small machine it does not any extra skill to operate, it can just be operated by anyone without any highly skilled person.

The process is simple just to feed the sufficient grass in the machine as per the speed of the machine.

2HP chaff cutters are very light and are easier to operate as well as these are used by small farms there will be less usage so maintenance costs will be reduced.

As the machine is lighter weight farmers can move the machine from one place to another place within the shed without the need of the second person.

Return on investment

The investment spent on the 2HP kutti machines can easily recover for a maximum of one year. a small farmer can get a return on the money of the spending on the machine.

So many sellers give EMI options for a year or two if they have the option then it can be closed without the stress of the investment.

As compared to the investment on the shed and cattle, these 2HP chara machines are available at less cost so the farmers can easily get the amount and spare to the chara cutter.

Better than a 1HP chaff cutter

Compared with the 1HP chaff cutter this 2HP chaff cutter gives the best performance due to the performance we can save time and money spent on labor.

With the 2HP variant, better suits small-scale and medium-scale dairy farms, the performance is the utmost priority so 2HP is good for farmers who are planning to buy 1HP

Demerits of 2HP Chaff cutter

We also have some demerits with 2HP chaff cutters, I have noted some of the key points which give some idea to understand easily and help in deciding on buying a 2HP chaff cutter

Not Suitable for Large and Medium Farms

When we choose the machine we must understand the power of the motor, the 2HP can be sufficient for up to 5 but we can calculate for 4 animals because the calves will grow over time, or within a year they also come under the feeding animals.

To give the proper feeding to all these cattle, it will take some time in chaffing and we must have control of the machine.

For larger farmers it is better not to choose 2 HP chara cutters, instead, you can go for 3 HP chaff cutters and 5 HP chaff cutters as per the number of animals on the farm.

Increase in Labor Cost

Working with the less performing machine is a major problem, especially in dairy fewer people are ready to work labor if we use 2 HP chaff cutters they may lose interest in working and most of the time will be lost only for the chaffing of the grass.

the other works like cleaning and milking are major parts of the dairy industry, these works might be done with less focus over time the animals will fall under less performing or become sick.

Repairs and Maintenance

These 2 HP chaff cutters are limited to use if we feed more grass once the machine blades do not chaff.

The grass will stuck and cause the failure of the machine and the breakdown issue. It’s a matter of giving only less amount of grass at a time with patience.

Most of the time in a hurry and with less time or labor may not understand the machine’s performance and give a large amount of grass at a time or run the machine continuously for hours which will highly affect the machines cause more repairs and extra burden

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