3 HP chaff cutters buying guide

While choosing the 3 HP chaff cutters there are certain considerations to understand. In modern dairy farms, the usage of modern tools will give the utmost performance and control over the cost spent on labour

In today’s world machinery like a chaff cutter is important in every dairy farm, to meet the proper feeding requirement for the animals we must give the chaffed grass

Grasses like Super Napier are very hard to eat, if we give them directly most of the grass will go to the trash and also the animal may not absorb the required nutritious contents from the grass.

The animals prefer to eat the green leaves, when we chaff the grass the hard part of the grass will come into pieces it will be much easier for animals to eat and digest without any issues.

Proper consumption of the dry grass will increase the performance of the cattle. So it will automatically help in the increase of farmers’ income.s

While choosing the 3 HP chaff cutters the farmers must understand some important factors.

Motor Power 

The 3 HP motor power is sufficient for the chaff cutters, it will serve up to 10 animals easily without any issues.

So choosing the 3 HP kutti machine is the best option compared with the less motor power.

The machine runs smoothly and we can match the power of the motor with the performance.

From Dairy Yantra we suggest you choose the 3 HP model for the best results

Budget-friendly efficiency

The motor power is efficient and budget-friendly the prices of the 3 HP chaff cutters are available from RS. 23,000 to RS 35,000. So farmers can easily spend the money while the money spent on these 3 HP chaff cutters will be an investment so upon investment we will get the returns through saving time, and labor as well as an increase in revenue through the milk 

Right Brand is the Right Choice

Choosing the right brand is the right choice, in Dairy Yantra we are offering the best chaff cutters from reputed brands like Vinspire, by choosing the correct brand you will get the quality of material and best after-sales service. 

Brands like Sardar and Vidhata are available in the market at competitive prices. so it is better to choose the right brand for your choice 

Reviews of Present customers

Sometimes it is better to contact the persons who are already using the different types of chaff cutters by considering the words. You need to choose the right one which fits for your dairy farm

In most cases, we need to understand the problems faced by the farmers with the chaff cutters so we can avoid them by excluding those models in buying decisions

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