3 HP Chaff Cutter Machine Price

Looking for 3 HP Chaff Cutter Prices, We at Dairy Yantra provide the best 3 HP Kutti machines with the utmost performance for the farmers.

We aim to help the farmers reduce the manual work and increase the profitability in the farming operation.

These 3 HP Chaff cutters are well suited for every dairy farm and goat farm and make the cutting process smoother, faster and easier.

Why 3 HP Chaff Cutters?

3 HP Cutters are budget friendly and come with features that are available in 2 HP as well as above 3 HP.

In the Indian dairy industry most of the farmers have medium-sized farms so these 3 HP chaff cutters become the most selling machines.

While considering the budget constraints these are available at competitive prices and the ROI is also covered within less time.

These can be used by farmers who have the above 3 animals, you can cut grasses like Maize, Super napier, and Jawar as well as dry grasses.

About 3 HP Chaff Cutter Prices

3 HP Chaff cutter machines start from RS. 22,000 to 35,000 depending upon the type of the cutter in the capacity of 3 HP motors there are Horizontal as well as Blower type models available.

Depending upon the model, material used as well as a supplier the 3 HP chaff cutter will change.

With Dairy Yantra, we offer some of the best chaff-cutting machines with the lowest prices which are even not available with the manufacturer.

So just check and save our website, before searching in other places our platform will be the final place for your 3 HP chaff cutter search.

Why Choose a 3 HP Chaff cutter?

Power and Performance.

With 3 HP motor power, the machine works smoother and the power of the motor ensures the sizes of the grasses in uniform manner with the matching of motor power and machine power makes high performance in grass cutting.

Saves time and Labor

Time and labour are vital factors to consider in the dairy industry with this 3 HP Chaff Cutter you can save some time for chaffing as well as the amount spent on labour.

Animal Nutrition

With the 3 HP power, the proper cutting of grass can help in the productivity of the cattle. The proper pieces of grass help the animals by removing the stress of chewing the hard grass Also the dry matter of the grass can be equally proportioned this ensures the animal’s digestion works better.

Removing Wastage problem

When we see without chaffing the animals only eat the greenery part of the grass and ignore the hard grass and branches of the grass like super napier.

With powerful chaffing the hard grass comes to pieces so no wastage in the grass.