2 HP Chaff cutter machine price

Searching for a 2 HP chaff cutter machine price, Dairy Yantra offers the best machines to meet the grass-cutting needs of your dairy farm or sheep and goat farm. 

With our 2 HP chaff cutters, the performance of your cutting will be increased as well as reduce the manual work

About 2 HP Chaff Cutter.

2 HP Chaff cutters are reliable grass-cutting machines for dairy farms and Goat, Sheep Farms.

These are medium-sized machines with 2 HP motor options, You can choose with a motor and without the motor option but choosing buying the chaff cutter with a motor option will be suggested because the engine you purchased separately will not be suitable and the performance may not be customised as per the machine.

This 2 HP chaff cutter price will bit high with the motor option but the motor you take outside will cost you more compared to this option. Also, you have to bear extra delivery charges and it will take some time to deliver It may deliver after the machine will cause a loss of time for production.

Performance of 2 HP Chaff cutters

The performance of the chaff cutter is suitable for the farmer who has a dairy farm size of 1-4 cows or buffalo.

For sheep farm is suitable for up to 50 sheep or goats, beyond that it can consume more time.

2 HP Kutti machines will cut 300-400 KGs of Green grass for an hour, Mostly the farmers use to chaff the super Napier grass, Sorghum and Maize. these machines are well suitable to start.

2 HP Chaff Cutter Prices

The prices of 2 HP Kutti machines depend upon the Supplier, Machine Type and Performance of the Motor as well as demand.

Nowadays 2 HP chara cutters are more in demand because most of the dairy farms in the starting stage will choose these machines under the low budget upon implementation and expansion of the farm, the farmers will upgrade to the 3 HP Chaff Cutter Machines, 5 HP Chaff Cutter Machines as well as Tractor Operated Chaff cutter Machines

The prices of these chaff cutters range from RS. 20,000 to 30,000. and some of the suppliers have negotiations and some manufacturers sell at fixed prices.

Why Dairy Yantra For 2 HP Chaff cutters?

You can choose us as your favourite supplier of the chara cutter, as we deal with several manufacturers we get the machines at a lesser price compared with the direct customers.

We sell hundreds of machines so we will get the machines at the best prices upon that we sell with competitive prices which are less than you think.

With the knowledge of machines, we will choose only the best suppliers and service the customers. You also received some of the below benefits as well

  • Quick Customer Support
  • Quality Blades and Motor
  • Faster Delivery