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What is Chaff Cutter?

A chaff cutter is a machine that cuts the grass or hay into small pieces which helps the animals easy to eat with less waste. It has a variety of models which are helpful in the modern dairy industry of India. 

About Chaff cutter machines

The chaff cutter machine is a device built to cut the grass and straw, the primary purpose of the chaff cutter is to cut the grass into small pieces to make it easy to eat and digest by the cattle.

Chaff cutters are mostly used in dairy farms, chaff cutters are used to cut hard grasses like Super Napier and Sorghum

The chaff cutter is a game changer in the dairy industry, To help the farmers reduce the use of manual methods in grass chaffing.

With the extensive use of the chaff cutter, the farmers can save time and get more returns from the cattle with higher performance.

Importance of Chaff Cutter Machines

With the advancement of technology and the decrease in the area of the grasslands, it is essential to introduce modern machinery into the agriculture industry.

With the extensive use of machinery in the dairy industry, it can help the farmers to produce and maintain the cattle in the limited area of the land.

Among the most transformative tools in the agriculture industry. chaff cutters are becoming the most important machinery in the dairy industry.

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the major benefits of the chaff cutter is increased efficiency in fodder processing.

The traditional processing of the fodder requires labour and also takes more time to make the grass.

The manual processing of fodder resulted in irregular sizes in the chaff, by taking the help of the chaff cutters we reduce the involvement of the labour and properly allocate the resources and time more effectively

Improved Fodder Digestability

The uniform cutting of the grass will help the animals eat the grass very easily and digest it without any issues.

Making the grass or hay into small pieces ensures the livestock consume the feed more effectively

proper digestion and nutrient absorption lead the livestock to healthier and more productive

Cost Effective Fodder Management

The initial investment in the chaff cutter will give substantial results. Reducing manual labour and increasing time-saving will result in cost savings over time.

The amount spent on the machine will give 5X returns in the life span of the machines.

By calculating the manual labor with the machine the machine will give the lower cost feed for the dairy farms

Consistent fodder quality

The consistency of the fodder quality is a toss in livestock management, The chaff cutter machine ensures the cut is uniform and prevents variations in the nutrient content of the feed.

Consistent fodder quality makes the healthier animals, which automatically results in an increase in the milk yield and an increase in the body weight

Time-saving mechanism

Along with the cost savings, the time is also an important factor, with the time savings the farmer can also focus on other works in the place of chaffing and processing of the feed.

The farmers cut the grass and then they will chaff within less time, which will help them to reduce the time for grazing and manual chaffing of the grass.

Types of chaff cutter machines

With the multiple uses and multiple types of farms, there are several types of chaff cutters are invented to match the exact use and size of the farm

Diagram Showing Types of Chaff cutters

There are 3 Major types of best-selling chaff cutter machines in India

Electrical Chaff cutter machine

These chaff cutters are equipped with a motor, The motor is driven by electricity, Electrical chaff cutters have 

  • 1 HP
  • 2 HP
  • 3 HP
  • 5 HP 

These electrical chaff cutters most used and best-selling chaff cutters in India. Compared with the manual chaff cutters these machines require less labour and save a lot of time

Electricity is the primary source to run the motor, The motor helps the blades rotate, making grass and hay into smaller pieces.

In the electrical chaff cutters, we have

  • Blower Type chaff cutters
  • Tray-type chaff cutters
  • Horizontal chaff cutters/ Mini chaff cutters

In India, most dairy farms are using single-phase chaff cutters which means a phase and neutral will be used as the power source

After that three-phase chaff cutters are used whenever there is no supply of the neutral, which means the power source is three phases

Hand-operated chaff cutter machines

These are also called as manual chaff cutters, These chaff-cutting machines do not require any power source which requires manual labor.

We can find manual chaff cutters under ₹ 10,000 in India, these are best suited for small farms and not sufficient for farms on medium and large scale

Tractor-operated chaff cutters

Tractor PTO or Tractor operated chaff cutters are high-performing machines with the high capacity of the tractor PTO the grass will be chaffed within a very short time.

It can very easily cut the grasses like Super Napier and Sorghum. These types of chaff cutters are a good choice for farmers who already own tractors.

This Tractor cutting machine can help to maintain large-scale dairy farms, It does not require any electricity these can be movable machines from one place to another place

Features of Chaff Cutters

The below primary features make the chaff cutter the primary tool in the dairy industry. Those are described as below 

Adjustable Cutting Length

With Chaff cutters we can adjust the cutting size of the chaff for example if you have cows, buffalo, and horses which need 2-3 inches, for other animals like rabbits, goats, sheep and calves it should be smaller with the use of this kutti machine it can be easy to adjust as per the type of animal and type of use like to make silage preparation

High Cutting Capacity

The capacity of the motor decides the time to chaff the grass. when motor size increases the speed of the operation will increase. for large farms, it saves a lot of time in making fodder preparation.  It processes large amounts of fodder with minimal effort the farmers no need to worry about feed preparation 

Easy Maintenance

Once the machine is installed it runs hassle-free and uninterrupted. it stops when power cuts and if we put a high amount of grass at a time more than its cutting capacity. hence no other issues will arise.

Farmers can save time on repairs and maintenance instead they will spare time on other farming works

Benefits of Using Chaff Cutter

Chaff cutter is one of the primary tools for farmers with its high benefits it is needy in every form. With the growth of the dairy industry and less land people are planting grasses like super napier, African tall maize. in which the animal eats only the leaf we give directly. so it’s becoming mandatory on every farm.

Improved Digestability for Animal

The chaff makes the animal easier to eat, even if it is hard grass also the kutti machine cuts it into small pieces so animals don’t stress by chewing the hard grass it just has the pieces of the grass and it also helps in easy digestion.

When we grass directly to the animal without chaff it only takes the leaves of the grass and the remaining will become waste so there is no problem with the hard grass and the nutritional value will be taken along with the hard part of the grass.

Saving Time and Labor

Labour is one of the major concerns in the dairy industry, if we use the chaff cutter the process will be streamlined, we can easily analyze how much time and labour is taken for several animals and we will streamline the process.

No need to think every day about the grass, farmers can just cut on schedule, chaff, and feed the animal as per the requirement without any extra effort.

Less or No Wastage

This benefit is one of the major reasons to use the chaff cutter. Nowadays farmers farm hybrid varieties of Grasses like Super Napier, Sorghum, COFS, and African tall maize if we give directly to the animals they only take the tasty part of the grass like leaves.

When chaffed the grass only doesn’t leave. so no wastage of feed it directly saves the cost of labour and time

Enhanced Nutrition for animals

Taking of chaffed grass has high nutritional value and it easily digests the grass without any issues so it is converted into useful feed for animals to make the milk yield better or to make the animal growth better

How to buy? online or offline

There are multiple reasons to buy a chaff cutter, kutti machine online below are some of the major reasons.

Convenient and Easy Accessible

Without going outside you can shop a wide range of chaff cutters comfort of your home or anywhere with a mobile

Multiple Chaff Cutters

You can browse several chaff cutters without any hustle and compare them with your needs and budget. when it comes to physical shops the online is wider and larger to browse as per the requirement

Competitive prices

The prices are varied upon the product, with hundreds of product options and multiple sellers, the prices become competitive helps the farmers to get in best price as per the value of the product

Ratings and Reviews

Before taking the purchase option we can check the ratings of the product so we can access the existing user’s experience before we them

Tips Before you purchase Chaff cutter online

The size of the farm is a very important aspect to consider depending upon the size of the farm you can consider choosing the right one which suitable for the requirement, depending upon the number of animals or type of animals consider selecting the right one

check the source of the power if it is available or not then check whether it is single phase or three phases because single phase and three phase or different require separate motors for each type

Check guarantee and warrantee if any repairs arise you can easily make the machine repair with it,  and also consider the type of material you are chaffing for hard grasses the blades must be strong and for grasses like super Napier it requires tough blades 

Chaff cutter price range

The price range of the chaff cutters starts from ₹8,000 to ₹1,50,000, the below table shows the approximate price ranges to help you make the buying decision.

Type of chaff cutterPrice Range
Manual chaff cutter₹8,000 – ₹15,000
Electrical /Motor operated₹15,000-₹45,000
Tractor PTO₹38,000-₹1,80,000

Trusted Chaff cutter Manufacturers

As per the analysis of High Deals, we have found some of the trusted chaff cutter manufacturers who are supplying chaff cutters in India.

  • Vinspire Agrotech Private Limited was established in 2017 and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat founded by MANAN DIPAKBHAI PATEL, Vinspire has different types of chaff cutters available at competitive prices and supplies all over India.
  • Kovai Classic Industries located in Tamilnadu supplies all types of agriculture equipment including chaff cutters. 
  • Sardar is one of the famous brands in chaff cutter suppliers, they provide a variety of chaff cutters with the best prices

Maintenance Tips

These are some common maintenance tips for the chaff cutters to make the machine work smoother and less repairs

  • Lubricating: Adding the oil or grease for the bearings, belts and chains at least every week
  • Cleaning: Clean the machine after every use, to protect it from rust and collision
  • Sharpening Blades: Dull blades cause a reduction of performance make sure to sharpen the blades for better performance

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